Thursday, December 17, 2009

Here's one of my creations.. I wanted a 3-D Chirstmas tree, and here you can use the compartments to put in some treats, home made cookies, gift cards .I used the DCWV paper collection and I've added some pocket to put in tags and stamped the inside with journaling spot. The limits are endless on what you can create... so have fun :)

Here are the cut pieces. I will insert the pattern. Remember that the 2 inch square goes with the 2" triangle and so on.

Glue chipboard pieces onto a 12x12 paper patter, making sure to

leave a space between the sides and the bottom.

Cut away excess paper with your exacto knife, leaving about 1/4 " around the edges.

It would be a good time to make your holes.

cut away a triangle shape off each corners.

cut a triangle to simplify the fold... to this to all four corner.

It should look like this.

Fold and glue all four sides.

It's time to put the accent paper inside.. what I've done here, Is trace the outside shape and cut it a little smaller to fit the inside..remember to make it just a little longer for a tab where there will be a fold to glue onto the square.

When glueing don't glue tab, that will be done after all accent papers are put on the four sides.

Put glue on the bottom of the tabs and bring up the sides to glue.

Hold up the side with a rubber band...With your fingers, press down the tabs to the bottom of the chipboard.
After the tabs are glued down, you can start decorating, stamping, etc...the inside.

Cut a square this is 3" less 1/8" to fit inside. Glue into place.

Re-punch your holes and put in your eyelets.

Here you have it...Repeat the process for all the other parts, stack up and voila..

On my finished tree, I added a piece of chipboard under for a snug fit.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009