Sunday, February 27, 2011

Toilet Paper roll..

Here I found a toilet paper roll from a public washroom.. and turned it into this...

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Well here's what I've been up tooooooo...

I love getting my hands into a lot of different challanges. So here I've decided to pull out all the walls in the basement washroom to see where, were my pluming was... Cuz I had a plan!!! or did I lol.. Behold my other half, had no idea what I was up to... so what do you think he said when he came home from work and saw all the gyspse on the floor?.. he wasn't too impressed with So here are some before and after pictures... I wish I had taken pictures, when all the wall were down... but didn't think of it.

In this picture I've moved all the plumbing from left to right to fit the stackable washer and dryer and did all the mudding for the drywall myself

tada here's what it looks like

this wall is where the toilet and drain is

this is the new toilet I've installed

and here are the new lights I put up..

so all there is left to do... is install some cabinet... well I left that to an expert!